Meet The Maker


Shannon is a silversmith currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, where the mountains meet the sea. She is mainly self taught, and started out her journey of jewelry making over a decade ago, with assemblages of bones and rusty objects. The railroad has played a big part in her life, long before she found her craft in silversmithing. One of her favorite pastimes, discovered as an adolescent, is walking along the railroad tracks in search of obscure objects to make jewelry out of.

As her style of work evolved, she decided it was time to take her skills to a more functional level. Apprenticing under Jenna of Strong Medicine Studio, she began to learn the very basics of silver jewelry making. With time and lots of trial and error, her once described hobby turned into a small business.

Her timeless sterling silver adornments typically include fragments of old dining car china or dinnerware that she's found while walking the tracks. Rather than utilizing the common gemstone, she finds creative freedom and individuality in her abilities to cut and shape her own cabochons. In addition to her lapidary experience, she holds appreciation for the fine details of metalsmithing, and that is apparent in her work. Whether big or small, each jewelry piece features hand stamped silver ornamentation as far as the eye can see.

When she's not pulling long days at her jewelry bench, she enjoys spending time traveling around the country. Wherever life takes her, she is always on the lookout for various railroad relics to repurpose into silver jewelry. One's trash is another woman's treasure.