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Santa Fe Stud Hoops
Nell Blevins
Santa Fe stud hoops

Beautiful earrings. I absolutely love every piece I have ordered from Shannon.

Cute, comfy and gold!

Been wearing Southbound Smith stamped nose studs for a couple years now, but the new style with the post is much more comfortable, and I love the cute little gold stamp

My new favorite!

These earrings are so beautiful, and incredibly comfortable to wear!

So pretty so comfortable

This nose stud was made very well. The screw post itself is very smooth and goes in easily. it fits snug against the inside of my nose, and it’s so comfortable I forget that I’m wearing it. The stamp is beautiful and feels like a little gift to my face.
One note to make; If your piercing was pierced at an angle for wearing hoops, the stamp won’t sit flesh with your nostril, but if the piercing was done straight for studs, then it will sit flesh with your nostril.

I love it <3

Flora Ring (size 8)

Absolutely beautiful quality and stunning ring. So excited to finally have one of your items!

Amazing Studs

I got the stamped nose studs during the buy one get one discount sale and it was such a perfect purchase. I love the matching studs and the way they look. They’re super nice quality and beautifully made and I get so many compliments every day. Thank you! Love them so much💓💓

Beautiful earrings

I think these are just beautiful. I like to call them fancy-casual. Subtle statement earrings. I wear them day to day, or to the ballet, etc. They look stunning!

Railroad Track Hoops
Serena Vogel

I love these earrings soooo much. The tracks are so detailed and the hoops themselves are just the right size. I get so many compliments & always have people asking to take a closer look. I have multiple Southbound Smith pieces but I think these earrings are the ones I wear the most.

Elegant and well-made

What I love most about these perfect nose studs is that the left and the right sides are different. Most nose studs don't alternate their curvature, so that alone is cause for me to buy more of these awesome silver pieces. I think I chose the wrong design for my face shape, but that's on me. I love them so much!!

I have bought a handful of pieces from Southbound smith over the years and I’m never disappointed. I love my new nose stud. Doesn’t get better quality than this!

great things come in small packages!

I was so excited to get in on the announced sale and get this nose stud as a gift for a family member. The subtle design has a lot of versatility and I'm sure the recipient will love it. It arrived here quickly and nicely wrapped. Glad to support Shannon and her talents!

Orange Blossom Coffin Ring (Made To Size)
Frances M Beswick

Orange Blossom Coffin Ring (Made To Size)

1933 Date Nail Ring (size 9)
Debra K.
1933 Date Nail Ring

This ring is beautiful. The 33 means too much to explain but suffice to say I would never pass up the opportunity to purchase a piece of jewelry from Shannon. She takes pride in her work from beginning to the end when it arrives beautifully packaged! Thank you!

The Scallop Hoops
Maria Batten
Beautiful hoops

Beautiful craftsmanship as always!!!


I am the proud owner of several pieces from Southbound Smith Jewelry. The quality and integrity of each piece is amazing. I look forward to adding to my collection.

California Poppy Necklace
Galadriel Nichols
Stunningly beautiful work of art

My latest piece from Southbound smith is my favorite so far! I love the larger sized piece of poppy china, gorgeous details and the new style clasp works great. I have several pieces which are all gorgeous but this is my favorite!

Stamped Huggie Hoops
Allysia Edwards
Stamped huggie hoops

Perfect earrings! Well crafted. Light weight. Versatile. So comfortable I sleep in them.

The perfect nose jewelry!

Absolutely in love with my new 14k stamped nose stud. Shannon helped me find the perfect one for me. It fits perfect- I didn’t even need to make any adjustments, and the craftsmanship is 100%.
I want them all now.

beautiful, just what i wanted.
shipped in just a few days ♥️

Stamped Huggie Hoops
Cameron Bolus

I will never stop buying from Southbound, the quality in their work is unmatched and I get so excited when a new order is on the way!

Stamped Hair Pins
Jess Reigle

Loving my new hairpins, they really jazz up whatever wild shit I do with my hair and get loads of compliments. Was a big splurge I definitely don’t regret!

I’m so happy with my purchase! I have rings, earrings, bracelets, bolo ties, necklaces, hairforks and now have these beautiful hair pins. New way to wear jewelry for me and I love it! Even small they make a statement! ♥️

I have a few of Southbound Smith’s pieces and this newest cuff was just as nicely made and true to the pictures as all the others. I messed up my order form and Shannon was super responsive and got it fixed so fast.